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Group14's Million Sq-ft Factory BAM Factory is Coming to Moses Lake

Group14 Technologies, a global manufacturer and supplier of advanced silicon battery technology, will be constructing a one million-square-foot Battery Active Materials factory in Moses Lake, WA, in support of domestic efforts to advance the EV market. Group14 is the first company in the U.S. that will be ready to aggressively deliver large-scale quantities of silicon battery materials for global EV-scale programs to meet global decarbonization targets. The new campus will serve as an economic and community anchor, opening up more than 700 new jobs in construction, manufacturing, R&D, and operations to start.

The BAM factory in Moses Lake will begin with two large-scale manufacturing modules, each capable of delivering 2,000 tons per year of SCC55™. The production lines for the first module is expected to come online and begin manufacturing our product, SCC55™, for customers in 2024. Simultaneously, Group14 will continue to build additional modules and expects to complete our first six modules by 2025. Built to run on renewable energy in the form of Washington state’s abundant hydropower, the factory will be part of a larger Group14 campus as the company expands its footprint in Moses Lake.

Group14 is helping transform Moses Lake into America's battery materials hub that will power the clean energy economy.

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How many jobs will Group14 hire for in Moses Lake?

To start off, we anticipate we will bring more than 600 new jobs in construction, manufacturing, engineering, operations and more—400 in construction and 200 full time employees.

When will you begin hiring for positions in Moses Lake?

We are hiring now! Check out Careers at Group14 below to see our open positions.

How long will it take to complete construction of the factory?

We began construction in 2023 and expect to have our first modules completed in 2024, at which point, we will begin manufacturing our proprietary silicon battery technology at the factory. We will continue to grow and anticipate building more factory modules and facilities in the coming years.

Careers at Group14

We're always looking for talented team members. Apply to work at Group14 today.